Cogmed training app

I was responsible for creating a new training app for Cogmed, a company that makes a scientifically validated method for improving working memory and attention. I created a new reward system where the user gets rewards from training that can later be used to build their own city.


Estimating projects is hard. That’s why I created this project estimation/management tool that is very easy to use but still is very powerful. Almost three thousand users have signed up so far, even though I have spent almost zero time to market it.


Flex is a more ‘clean’ theme I created for Cognition Matter’s math training, aimed at older kids/young adults that might feel that the Vektor app feels to ‘childish’. It includes a completely different reward system designed to reinforce the user’s feeling of progression.


Vektor is an app produced by the non-profit organisation Cognition Matters that helps childrenĀ improve their understanding of numbers and their problem solving capacity by cognitive training. My role was to make the training fun and engaging during 40 days of training.